The School of Shamanic Midwifery (SSM) is a Women’s Mysteries School for midwives and doulas, a gathering of wise women, a year long Earth based ‘religious’ experience. It will awaken in you a deeper connection to the cycles - the way of life - and enable in you a range of ancient and traditional skills and tools to serve women and the birth process. The School of Shamanic Midwifery is based in Australia and is given and co-ordinated by Jane Hardwicke Collings, Homebirth Midwife, Mother, Grandmother. Jane has apprenticed with many great teachers – Maggie Lecky Thompson, Blackbear James Harvey and the late Jeannine Parvati Baker. She brings the experience of 25 years of homebirths and shamanic practice together and, as requested, presents what she has learnt and commits to helping facilitate those who are interested on their journey toward being Shamanic Midwives.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shamanic Midwifery Vision Quest 2010 - Video Montage from Melody

It is with great thanks to Jane that I offer a sharing of the Shamanic Midwifery Vision Quest 2010. After this deeply profound, fortifying and beautiful experience, I felt called to collate for our circle, images and sound of meaning. My intent was and is to shine back to this year's Shamanic Midwifery sisterhood the love and gratitude I feel for the journey we are taking, carving this new way in the road together. The montage below is an imagery interpretation of the Vision Quest week. Each image used to communicate the core of the Quest was chosen for its potency in reflecting both the individual and collective Shamanic Midwifery experience thus far. My hope is that those intending upon joining the Shamanic Midwifery circle in the future, as well as other interested folk, will also have a window into the magic that was the Quest.
Blessed Be.

Shamanic Midwifery Vision Quest 2010 from Artemis Awake on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SSM1 Vision Quest May 2010

So, here we are, halfway through the SSM1 program, the
Virgin Journey.
Winter time, deep within and embarking on a Vision Quest.
And the SSM1 Vision Quest was wonder-ful.
"Shamanic Midwifery is the facilitation of finding the purpose of everything in terms of personal evolution and consciousness raising. On Vision Quest - an exercise in 'knowing thy self' and experiencing the mystical laws in action - you are your own Shamanic Midwife.

What does it take for me to truly know myself?
What does it take for me to be She Who I Am?

This and much more you will find as you sit quietly on the Earth, in the lap of the Goddess.
Come sit for a while,
You are safe and protected by all you believe in.
Choose wisely for that which you believe will hold you."

"As the Questor seeks retreat into nature in solitude, shifts in consciousness begin to occur. Old memories come to the surface to be resolved. Fear is confronted. A sense of purpose emerges. In the heightened state of awareness that a quest elicits, archetypal images can appear. A tree becomes a sage. A cloud becomes an angel. A power song is received, a soul name comes. A voice speaks out of the darkness. The unexplained and mysterious occur. Understanding of Self deepens and often remarkable transformations take place"
Denise Linn, The Quest

One's Vision Quest is something remembered forever. It will mark the start of a new journey, the beginning of a new way of Being, a new way of co-responding with Mother Nature, the Earth our Mother, The Goddess. Introspection and self-evaluation take place, and a simplification occurs helping one to discover or remember what is truly important in life. One can begin to reach the source of any pain so it can be healed. It is a time of symbolic death and rebirth into a new way of being in your world.

It's an underworld journey. Some things will fall away, others will grow in strength and all will make sense to the journey of one's life. It's about your authentic self getting in the driver's seat. It's about cultivating a relationship between your ego and your soul.

"True solitude - alert aloneness without diversions - can be challenging, it is often the necessary gateway to our deepest passions, and the discovery of what we must do to live them. Earth so effectively mirrors our soul powers simply because our souls are elements of earth's soul"
Bill Plotkin, Soulcraft

It rained 75% of the time.

The solo time was an experience of the Great Mother's offering of the weather conditions for an inward and reflective time and one with many challenges - rain.

The vigil night was clear, the moon was full and the Questors were held in the 'lap of the Goddess'.

Base Camp was an experience of living on the simplicity, with two babies, their mothers and me 'holding the space'.

Blessings and great thanks to all our relations - the beings - human, animal, plant and 'other' - who supported, guided, nurtured and protected us on our journey.

And as Vision Quests do, it wove its magic.

I give thanks for all that was.