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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Big Picture Perspective

In the current situation of the maternity care services of Australia, its so tempting to see the conspiracy to 'knock off' all the 'powerful' women, but truly I doubt 'they' are that smart.
We need to remember this sort of thing is actually happening 'across the board', in other parts of health care, in education, in agriculture, in mining, etc etc.
We live in a patriarchal culture and all these things are examples of the mindset that supports the culture. Technology and control.
And all these related situations are part of the one thing, the eventual evolution of consciousness.

So, to my mind, even though its reeeeeally hard, we must not take any of this personally.
'We' have an important role to play here and its to hold the place from which we come from, our ideals, our philosophy.
We may not see the change come in our lifetimes, we need to hold a bigger picture than our current jobs or the next birth or our registration and insurance situation.
We need to be thinking ahead, to our children's children and beyond, for the future generations.
The metaphoric seeds of change ( to the current maternity care services) that have been planted, are sprouting, many are being stomped on, and some will survive and go on to grow very strong, a new variety, adapted to the environment.
The women and men who are living this dream of the healed feminine, will raise their children to know this, and then they will, and they will etc etc.
This is may not have many short term or even middle term results, but it will be part of what will be.
People will look back on this time and wonder 'what the hell were 'they' thinking?'.
We need to keep on keeping on and actually let go of the fight, it drains our energy and resources.

The current situation of 'reverting to 'support person' from midwife when transferring or attending a woman in labour in hospital' is a great example.
This is actually progress, although it really is just reverting back to the same as the way it was before all the current 'developments'.
So what happens in that situation,depends, as it always did, on who you encounter on the hospital admission, ie whether the hospital midwives are sympathetic to the situation or not.
This is not a new thing, Im sure we've all had lots of practice with this.
And as it always has, it highlights the need for ALL midwives to support women's choices.

As it says in the Tao Te Ching - " any event, the more conscious force will win."
Be strong, see the big picture.
We require stamina, and strategy. Strategy that works long term.
Using the wisdom of Starhawk and the principles of permaculture, what we need to do is create the environment that creates the best conditions for what we want to grow, to be able to flourish.
So what does that look like in your home town? Probably what you are doing.
Keep on keeping on.
Trust the process.

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