The School of Shamanic Midwifery (SSM) is a Women’s Mysteries School for midwives and doulas, a gathering of wise women, a year long Earth based ‘religious’ experience. It will awaken in you a deeper connection to the cycles - the way of life - and enable in you a range of ancient and traditional skills and tools to serve women and the birth process. The School of Shamanic Midwifery is based in Australia and is given and co-ordinated by Jane Hardwicke Collings, Homebirth Midwife, Mother, Grandmother. Jane has apprenticed with many great teachers – Maggie Lecky Thompson, Blackbear James Harvey and the late Jeannine Parvati Baker. She brings the experience of 25 years of homebirths and shamanic practice together and, as requested, presents what she has learnt and commits to helping facilitate those who are interested on their journey toward being Shamanic Midwives.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Promise

The Promise

The cosmic womb of the Great Mother and its physical manifestation as the fertile soil of the Earth we know, is an eternally generous and receptive space at anytime we wish to share our powerful prayers and intentions with Her. She is always there, always listening, always ready to receive us and the seeds of our higher dreaming....
Having the courage to cast prayers of New out into the lunar darkness of this Winter Solstice feels to me like a powerful invitation to us all to really open our hearts in deep trust to the mystery and potency of the Void - both within and with-out. 
To invest our faith in not only what can be seen, but also what cannot and to allow ourselves to give our whole hearts to this process in the trust that even in seeming stillness and dormancy, great magick is always being woven beyond the veil of our reality.
A few weeks ago, a wise gardener in my community reminded me that its here in the Winter that the core (womb!) of the Earth becomes the most alive and full with the energy of the cosmos she has drawn down deep within Her over the Autumn - root growth and soil activity becoming the most abundant of the year's cycle - beneath the decaying, barren surface, a rich and busy hive of important work lies within. 
This concept of the Earth not going to sleep or shutting down in the Winter, but actually becoming more alive and potent than ever during this time made so much sense to me and was such an exciting wise She is to withdraw her creative energy deep within at this time, to take time to nurture what lies beneath, to tend to her inner world, to prepare her soil to become the fertile ground for the gardens to come....
Walking the Earth with this new wisdom over the past few weeks, I have felt in Her reflection, clues as to what my own deep Winter prayers and intentions are needing to be.....not a premature longing or waiting for signs of light and life to return, but a presence to what is already here in the darkness with me - the promise of the seeds of my Autumn Harvest lying at my feet. 
At this time of Winter Solstice, it feels to me that my greatest responsibility is to tend to my inner world, my inner soil, with the mindful awareness that the patient, quiet efforts I make now will determine which seeds survive to become the bounty of my year to come.....
For me, this feels analogous to the "house-keeping" work we do with our dark moon and blood prayers and the wisdom our bodies reflect to us through the cleansing process of menstruation....surrendering over what is no longer needed at the end of each cycle, to create a clear open space for new growth and expansion to emerge in the next. We are aware of our eggs / seeds waiting in the wings, but the work of preparing and building the nest must come first!
Many Blessings to all at this potent time of transition and dreaming and nest building for the year to come!

Melinda Whyman
Mother of 4 homeborn children, Shamanic Midwife
Naturopath, Homoeopath, Herbalist, 
Natural Fertility Awareness Guide, 
Birth Attendant

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